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Lifelong Health Management, PLLC is a naturopathic treatment center offering assistance in achieving optimal health. Optimal health can mean different things for different people but it is always a lifelong practice. Naturopathic treatment means we are guided by the naturopathic therapeutic order and adhere to the naturopathic principles. In other words, we use the lowest force therapy practicable to achieve wellness, we work on measures to prevent future illness, and we treat all aspects of the client to strive towards optimal health. When I say “we”, I am including the client in their own health management and to say we treat the whole person may itself be an understatement.

At LHM, we recognize that social and environmental connections are a vital aspect in one’s overall health. Our connections with friends, family, co-workers, plants, animals, bacteria; even soil, buildings and streets can have a profound impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. The division between individuals and plants, soil, even the sun and stars is only illusory, a blind spot in our sensory perception. To truly strive for optimal health is to strive for a healthy environment. We believe it is best to start with the individual and work outward.

It is the desire of LHM, as the name is meant to imply, to provide the tools and assistance needed to maintain desired health outcomes for each client’s unique and changing circumstances throughout their lifetime. Our focus is on education, prevention and wellness practices that can be integrated into your lifestyle.

We offer a range of interventions from constitutional hydrotherapy to counselling, diet/exercise recommendations, as well as supplement and medication management to aid in achieving each client’s wellness goals. We can manage a variety of acute and chronic illnesses and get you to a point of wellness that minimizes the harms of medications while optimizing your body’s innate ability to achieve optimal health.

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Dr. Andy Jackson

Dr. Andy Jackson

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Andy Jackson is a naturopathic physician and founder of Lifelong Health Management in Seattle, WA. Along with his advanced training in physical and mind-body medicine, Dr. Jackson has a passion for seeking out the root cause of disease while focusing on prevention and education to promote optimal health.

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