New Patients

Nice to meet you

What to Expect on a First Visit

At Lifelong Health Management, we want all our patients to feel welcome and at ease. The first thing to be aware of is that we share our clinic with Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts (SAMMA), the city’s premier martial arts school and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. This provides motivation and opportunities for developing healthy habits and to talk with other health practitioners. Don’t be surprised if you see people working out, punching or kicking bags, meditating, playing guitar or reciting poetry. We may not look like other clinics you have been to in the past.

When you check in, if you have your paperwork filled out, we will head straight back to one of the private treatment rooms. Here we will clarify your immediate and long-term health goals. We will likely conduct a few physical exams such as blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate and other relevant exams according to your medical history and health goals.

Once your health goals are established and relevant information is gathered from the interview and physical exams we will begin working on a plan to establish lifelong health. Depending on the nature of your health goals this can range from increasing your water intake to a regimen of herbs or supplements to a follow-up for physical medicine procedures. Sometimes it is necessary to end the visit with laboratory specimens (blood draw, throat swabs, urine sample, etc…).

Finally we will establish a follow-up period to check in with how your treatment plan is working and make any necessary adjustments. Depending on your goals and the treatment plan established follow-up can be anywhere from a week to a year. After checking out at the front desk you are free to go, or sometimes you may want to stick around for a little bit to observe or participate in one of the classes and begin your journey to optimal health.

New Patient Forms

Please review and, if possible, complete the following forms prior to your first visit.