Theraputic diets, personal training, and more to help you live a healthy lifestyle

Diet and exercise are foundational elements to any wellness plan and to a happy, healthy life in general. While it seems a simple matter to eat healthy and exercise there are many emotional and psychological barriers to making healthy choices that decrease future health risks and optimize health benefits. When starting a new exercise regimen, it can be difficult to differentiate the soreness inherent in starting a new workout and the pain of an exacerbated condition. In addition, certain conditions and food sensitivities can be difficult to pin down and complicate what choosing a healthy lifestyle might look like for a particular individual.

  • Elemental diets
  • Rotation diets
  • Elimination diets
  • Low carb diets
  • Low purine diets
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Long term fasting
  • High lysine, low arginine diets
  • Anti-inflammatory diet

Just to name a few therapeutic diets that can be helpful yet difficult to manage alone until you have some practice under your belt.

At LHM we provide food panel sensitivity testing, training for healthy shopping and meal planning, we have an in-house exercise facility with massage, personal training, tai chi and martial arts classes. The foundations are always a good place to start and at Lifelong Health Management we can provide a solid one.

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