Natural supplements to heal illness and improve well-being

Herbs have great value in treating a multitude of diseases. From antimicrobials and antivirals to adaptogens and calming nervines there is an herb for every situation. At Lifelong Health Management we understand the importance of establishing a relationship with plants and herbs. Herbs are so much more than a simple pharmaceutical and the process of getting to know and appreciate their actions and characteristics can be as therapeutic as the constituents themselves.

Some common applications for herbs include garlic to lower cholesterol; Lemon Balm to normalize erratic sleep; thyme essential oils for upper respiratory infections; wild oats for anxiety; ginseng for increased energy; raspberry leaf for PMS; dandelion leaf for fluid retention; or nettle leaf for allergies. These are just a few examples of herbs and their applications and just as each herb has multiple applications, each condition has multiple herbs that can help.

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