Reduce pain and improve mobility

Chronic pain, hypertonic muscles, back pain, neck pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tendonitis or many other complaints. These are all reasons to treat a patient with physical therapy. Physical therapy is the application of some physical force; mechanical, heat or cold, electrical; in order to improve musculoskeletal alignment, increase circulation, reduce pain or swelling, stimulate metabolism or to achieve any number of outcomes. Examples of physical therapy include:

  • Naturopathic Manipulation – similar to the more familiar chiropractic treatments.
  • Therapeutic Massage – this is massage but usually directed at a more specific complaint.
  • Ultrasound – using soundwaves to generate heat and apply it to deeper tissues.
  • TENS – electrical stimulation that is helpful for superficial pain and neuropathies.
  • Muscle Energy Stretching – assisted stretches alternating with muscle contractions.
  • E-STIM – several techniques using electrical stimulation to treat muscle tissues that run deeper than TENS stimulation is designed to go. This can help with muscle fatigue, spasm, recovery or atrophy.
  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy – see the “Hydrotherapy” page under services for a detailed explanation of this valuable treatment.
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